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Our Company

Symptom Journal is dedicated to bringing the latest web-based healthcare technology to our clients, enabling them to have the opportunity for timely and consistent health data collection, while understanding the cause and effect between daily choices and healthcare outcomes. Our company is dedicated to our friends, family and people who have chronic health conditions and inspired our vision of a company dedicated to helping individuals and their families live their best life through symptom journaling.

Our Logo

The Symptom Journal logo was chosen for its symbolism and meaning. The lotus was chosen since the lotus starts in great adversity and grows in the muddy water of still ponds and lakes. The amazing flower unfolds gradually, one petal at a time, until it reaches full bloom when the full sun gently touches the flower’s petals. The lotus awakens and blooms in the first rays of the morning sun. There is a history between the sun and the lotus, with the sun being the symbol of love gently touching the lotus’ petals and allowing them to unfold to their full beauty. The lotus plant has deep roots that reach for the soil under the water. We felt the symbolism between the cycle of the lotus flowers’ growth and that of an individual on the journey of a chronic health condition was an apt analogy. The adversity that the lotus starts with resembles the situation many people feel that they are dealing with when first diagnosed with a chronic condition. The lotus petals reaching towards the sun symbolize each individuals desire to be healthy and whole. The lotus flower uses it’s conditions to become a beautiful flower gracing ponds and lakes. Just as an individual with a chronic health condition is reaching for improved health and a better quality of life. Healing looks different for every person. As each lotus flower is unique, your healing process will be as well. Healing in the Symptom Journal terms means achieving your best quality of life, even though there may not always be a cure. The lotus symbolism encourages us to seek “harmony” within our bodies. The lotus is associated with spiritual growth, harmony and balance, and with hastening the recovery from illness. The lotus flower for thousands of years has symbolized spiritual enlightenment for many faiths. There are five varieties of the lotus flower: the white lotus, red lotus, blue lotus, pink lotus and finally, the purple lotus. The purple lotus is the most revered and represents the heart being open and receptive, the eight petals represent the Buddhist Eightfold Path to enlightenment. The Buddhist Eightfold Path consists of right view, intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort, and mindfulness and right concentration. We chose the lotus because we view a chronic health condition as a physical journey, and as a journey of the heart and soul. A chronic health condition asks a lot of each individual and family. We are not minimizing the hardships that a chronic disease can bring, but that it can also be a time of spiritual discovery and emotional growth. It is with love and humility that we speak of this journey. Within the pages of the Symptom Journal you will find information, tools and techniques to assist you with your chronic health journey and we wish you your best quality of life.